Ball Rush Aqua

Ball Rush Aqua UIQ 3.0 1.42

Pulsating, Arkanoid-style shooter


  • Fast
  • Lots of levels
  • Lots of weapons


  • Gets very difficult

Very good

Ball Rush Aqua is a remake of the arcade classic, Arkanoid . It has all the speed, explosions, sound effects of the original.

The objective of Ball Rush Aqua is simple. You man a spacecraft with which you need to blast through layers of colored blocks. As you shoot special blocks you get new weapons and more points. But you don't have to clear all the squares off the screen, just make your way through to the top and then defeat the boss.

Ball Rush Aqua comes with 128 levels, 13 bonuses, 13 different block types including unpredictable sensors and teleports, thermonuclear bombs and air-cushions. So while it's fast and frenetic it's also very unpredictable. The only guarantee is that your eyes will be watering by the end.

Graphically, Ball Rush Aqua is pretty good, with lots of colors and cool explostion effects. The high-octane stereo soundtrack makes for a fitting accompaniment to the on-screen action.

Ball Rush Aqua is a frantic arcade-style spaceship shooter with loads of levels, bonuses and weapons.

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Ball Rush Aqua


Ball Rush Aqua UIQ 3.0 1.42

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